August 12 All Events

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August 12th, 2030 (August 12 2030)EventCleopatra commits suicide after her lover, Mark Antony s defeat at the battle of Actium.
August 12th, 2030 (August 12 2030)DeathCleopatra (born in 69 BC)
August 12th, 2007 (August 12 2007)EventBulk carrier M/V New Flame collides with oil tanker Torm Gertrud at the southernmost tip of Gibraltar, ending up partially submerged.
August 12th, 2007 (August 12 2007)DeathMerv Griffin, American television host and game show creator (born in 1925)
August 12th, 2007 (August 12 2007)DeathMike Wieringo, American comic book artist (born in 1963)
August 12th, 2005 (August 12 2005)EventSri Lanka s foreign minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, is fatally shot by an LTTE sniper at his home.
August 12th, 2005 (August 12 2005)EventAn F2 tornado strikes the coal mining town of Wright, Wyoming, destroying nearly 100 homes and killing two people.
August 12th, 2005 (August 12 2005)EventCivil unrest provoked in the Maldives
August 12th, 2005 (August 12 2005)EventAn F1 tornado strikes Glen Cove, New York, a rare event on Long Island
August 12th, 2005 (August 12 2005)DeathJohn Loder, co-founder of the anarcho-punk band CRASS (born in 1946)
August 12th, 2004 (August 12 2004)EventNew Jersey Gov. James McGreevey comes out publicly as a gay man.
August 12th, 2004 (August 12 2004)DeathSir Godfrey Hounsfield, English electrical engineer and inventor, Nobel laureate (born in 1919)
August 12th, 2004 (August 12 2004)DeathPeter Woodthorpe, British actor (born in 1931)
August 12th, 2002 (August 12 2002)DeathEnos Slaughter, American baseball player (born in 1916)
August 12th, 2000 (August 12 2000)EventThe Oscar class submarine K-141 Kursk of the Russian Navy exploded and sank in the Barents Sea during a military exercise.
August 12th, 2000 (August 12 2000)DeathLoretta Young, American actress (born in 1913)
August 12th, 1999 (August 12 1999)DeathJean Drapeau, Quebec politician, mayor of Montreal (born in 1916)
August 12th, 1997 (August 12 1997)DeathLuther Allison, American musician (born in 1939)
August 12th, 1996 (August 12 1996)DeathRobert Gravel, French Canadian actor and theatrical director (born in 1945)
August 12th, 1996 (August 12 1996)DeathMark Gruenwald, American comic book writer and editor (born in 1953)
August 12th, 1994 (August 12 1994)EventMajor League Baseball players go on strike. The work stoppage forces the cancellation of the 1994 World Series.
August 12th, 1992 (August 12 1992)EventCanada, Mexico, and the United States announce completion of negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
August 12th, 1992 (August 12 1992)DeathJohn Cage, American composer (born in 1912)John Cage Quotes
August 12th, 1990 (August 12 1990)EventSue, the most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex, is discovered near Faith, South Dakota.
August 12th, 1990 (August 12 1990)DeathB. Kliban, American cartoonist (born in 1935)
August 12th, 1990 (August 12 1990)DeathDorothy Mackaill, British-born American actress (born in 1903)
August 12th, 1989 (August 12 1989)DeathWilliam Shockley, American physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1910)
August 12th, 1989 (August 12 1989)DeathSamuel Okwaraji, Nigerian footballer (born in 1964)
August 12th, 1988 (August 12 1988)DeathJean-Michel Basquiat, Haitian-American artist (born in 1960)
August 12th, 1985 (August 12 1985)EventJapan Airlines Flight 123 crashes into Mount Ogura in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, killing 520. It is the worst single-plane air disaster.
August 12th, 1985 (August 12 1985)DeathKyu Sakamoto, Japanese singer (plane crash) (born in 1941)
August 12th, 1985 (August 12 1985)DeathManfred Winkelhock, German race car driver (born in 1951)
August 12th, 1983 (August 12 1983)BirthKlaas-Jan Huntelaar, Dutch footballer
August 12th, 1982 (August 12 1982)EventMexico announces it is unable to pay its enormous external debt, marking the beginning of a debt crisis that spread to all of Latin America and the Third World.
August 12th, 1982 (August 12 1982)BirthAlexandros Tzorvas, Greek footballer
August 12th, 1982 (August 12 1982)DeathHenry Fonda, American actor (born in 1905)
August 12th, 1982 (August 12 1982)DeathSalvador Sanchez, Mexican boxer (born in 1959)
August 12th, 1982 (August 12 1982)DeathVarlam Shalamov, Russian writer (born in 1907)
August 12th, 1981 (August 12 1981)EventThe IBM Personal Computer is released.
August 12th, 1981 (August 12 1981)BirthTony Capaldi, Northern Ireland footballer
August 12th, 1981 (August 12 1981)BirthDjibril Cisse, French footballer
August 12th, 1980 (August 12 1980)EventSigning of the Montevideo Treaty, which established the Latin American Integration Association.
August 12th, 1980 (August 12 1980)BirthMaggie Lawson, American actress
August 12th, 1980 (August 12 1980)BirthDominique Swain, American actress
August 12th, 1980 (August 12 1980)BirthMatt Thiessen, Canadian-born musician (Relient K)
August 12th, 1980 (August 12 1980)BirthJade Villalon, American singer/songwriter
August 12th, 1979 (August 12 1979)BirthD.J. Houlton, American baseball player
August 12th, 1979 (August 12 1979)BirthCindy Klassen, Canadian speed skater
August 12th, 1979 (August 12 1979)DeathErnst Boris Chain, German-born biochemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1906)
August 12th, 1978 (August 12 1978)EventJapan and the People s Republic of China sign the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and the People s Republic of China.
August 12th, 1978 (August 12 1978)BirthHayley Wickenheiser, Canadian ice hockey player
August 12th, 1978 (August 12 1978)BirthChris Chambers, American football player
August 12th, 1977 (August 12 1977)EventThe first free flight of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
August 12th, 1977 (August 12 1977)BirthPlaxico Burress, American football player
August 12th, 1977 (August 12 1977)BirthJesper Gronkj?r, Danish footballer
August 12th, 1977 (August 12 1977)BirthPark Yong-ha, South Korean actor and singer
August 12th, 1976 (August 12 1976)BirthMikko Viljami "Linde" Lindstrom, Finnish guitarist
August 12th, 1976 (August 12 1976)BirthAntoine Walker, American basketball player
August 12th, 1976 (August 12 1976)BirthWednesday 13, American musician (Wednesday 13, Murderdolls)
August 12th, 1976 (August 12 1976)BirthBrad Lukowich, Canadian ice hockey player
August 12th, 1976 (August 12 1976)BirthRichard McCourt, English children s television presenter
August 12th, 1976 (August 12 1976)BirthHenry Tuilagi, Samoan rugby player
August 12th, 1975 (August 12 1975)BirthCasey Affleck, American actor
August 12th, 1975 (August 12 1975)BirthDavid Filmore, American actor
August 12th, 1974 (August 12 1974)BirthMatt Clement, American baseball player
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthJoseba Beloki, Spanish cyclist
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthJonathan Coachman, American professional wrestler and executive
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthTodd Marchant, American ice hockey player
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthRichard Reid (shoe bomber)
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthYvette Nicole Brown, American actress
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthSayyed Muqtada al-Sadrson of Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)BirthGrey DeLisle, American voice actress
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)DeathWalter Rudolf Hess, Swiss physiologist, Nobel laureate (born in 1881)Rudolf Hess Quotes
August 12th, 1973 (August 12 1973)DeathKarl Ziegler, German chemist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1898)
August 12th, 1972 (August 12 1972)BirthMark Kinsella, Irish footballer
August 12th, 1972 (August 12 1972)BirthTakanohana, Sumo yokozuna
August 12th, 1971 (August 12 1971)BirthMichael Ian Black, American comedian
August 12th, 1971 (August 12 1971)BirthRebecca Gayheart, American actress
August 12th, 1971 (August 12 1971)BirthPete Sampras, American tennis player
August 12th, 1970 (August 12 1970)BirthAnthony Swofford, American novelist
August 12th, 1970 (August 12 1970)BirthJim Schlossnagle, baseball coach
August 12th, 1970 (August 12 1970)BirthCharles Mesure, British actor
August 12th, 1969 (August 12 1969)EventBattle of the Bogside, Catholic community of Derry engage in two-day battle with the Royal Ulster Constabulary
August 12th, 1969 (August 12 1969)BirthAga Muhlach, Filipino actor
August 12th, 1968 (August 12 1968)BirthAndras Jones, American actor
August 12th, 1968 (August 12 1968)DeathEsther Forbes, American novelist (born in 1891)
August 12th, 1967 (August 12 1967)BirthRegilio Tuur, Dutch boxer
August 12th, 1967 (August 12 1967)BirthAndrey Plotnikov, Russian race walker
August 12th, 1967 (August 12 1967)BirthAndy Hui, Hong Kong actor and singer
August 12th, 1966 (August 12 1966)BirthLes Ferdinand, English footballer
August 12th, 1965 (August 12 1965)BirthPeter Krause, American actor
August 12th, 1964 (August 12 1964)EventSouth Africa is banned from the Olympic Games due to its racist policy.
August 12th, 1964 (August 12 1964)EventCharlie Wilson, one of the Great Train Robbers escapes from Winson Green Prison in Birmingham, England.
August 12th, 1964 (August 12 1964)DeathIan Fleming, English novelist (James Bond) (born in 1908)
August 12th, 1963 (August 12 1963)BirthSir Mix A Lot, American rapper
August 12th, 1962 (August 12 1962)BirthMiss Cleo, American psychic
August 12th, 1961 (August 12 1961)BirthRoy Hay, British guitarist and keyboardist (Culture Club)
August 12th, 1961 (August 12 1961)BirthLawrence Hayward, English musician (Felt, Denim, Go Kart Mozart)
August 12th, 1960 (August 12 1960)EventEcho I, the first communications satellite, launched.
August 12th, 1960 (August 12 1960)BirthLaurent Fignon, French cyclist
August 12th, 1959 (August 12 1959)BirthAmanda Redman, English actress
August 12th, 1959 (August 12 1959)DeathMike O Neill, Irish-born American baseball player (born in 1877)
August 12th, 1956 (August 12 1956)BirthBruce Greenwood, Canadian actor
August 12th, 1955 (August 12 1955)BirthAnn M. Martin, American author
August 12th, 1955 (August 12 1955)BirthTerry Taylor, American retired professional wrestler
August 12th, 1955 (August 12 1955)DeathThomas Mann, German writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1875)Thomas Mann Quotes
August 12th, 1955 (August 12 1955)DeathJames B. Sumner, American chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1887)
August 12th, 1954 (August 12 1954)BirthSam J. Jones, American actor
August 12th, 1954 (August 12 1954)BirthPat Metheny, American guitarist
August 12th, 1953 (August 12 1953)EventNuclear testing: The Soviet atomic bomb project proceeded with the detonation of Joe 4, the first Soviet thermonuclear weapon.
August 12th, 1952 (August 12 1952)EventThe Night of the Murdered PoetsThirteen most prominent Jewish intellectuals were murdered in Moscow.
August 12th, 1952 (August 12 1952)BirthChen Kaige, Chinese film director
August 12th, 1952 (August 12 1952)DeathDavid Bergelson, Yiddish language writer (born in 1884)
August 12th, 1951 (August 12 1951)BirthWillie Horton, American murderer and rapist
August 12th, 1950 (August 12 1950)BirthJim Beaver, American actor and writer
August 12th, 1949 (August 12 1949)BirthPanagiotis Chinofotis, Greek politician
August 12th, 1949 (August 12 1949)BirthMark Knopfler OBE, Scottish guitarist (Dire Straits)
August 12th, 1948 (August 12 1948)DeathHarry Brearley, English inventor (born in 1871)
August 12th, 1947 (August 12 1947)BirthRon Mael, American musician (Sparks)
August 12th, 1947 (August 12 1947)BirthSam Rosen, American sportscaster
August 12th, 1944 (August 12 1944)EventWaffen SS troops massacre more than 500 civil people in Sant Anna di Stazzema.
August 12th, 1944 (August 12 1944)EventAlencon liberated by General Leclerc, the first city in France to be liberated from the Nazis by French forces.
August 12th, 1944 (August 12 1944)BirthPeter Hofmann, German tenor
August 12th, 1944 (August 12 1944)DeathJoseph P. Kennedy, Jr., brother of President John F. Kennedy (born in 1915)John F. Kennedy Quotes
August 12th, 1943 (August 12 1943)EventAlleged date of the first Philadelphia Experiment test on United States Navy ship USS Eldridge.
August 12th, 1943 (August 12 1943)BirthDeborah Walley, American actress (died in 2001)
August 12th, 1943 (August 12 1943)DeathBobby Peel, English cricketer (born in 1857)
August 12th, 1941 (August 12 1941)BirthRejean Ducharme, Quebec novelist and playwright
August 12th, 1939 (August 12 1939)BirthGeorge Hamilton, American actor
August 12th, 1939 (August 12 1939)BirthRoy Romanow, Canadian politician
August 12th, 1939 (August 12 1939)BirthMichael D. Antonovich, American politician
August 12th, 1938 (August 12 1938)BirthJean-Paul L Allier, Canadian Mayor of Quebec
August 12th, 1937 (August 12 1937)BirthWalter Dean Myers, African-American author
August 12th, 1935 (August 12 1935)BirthJohn Cazale, Italian-American actor (died in 1978)
August 12th, 1935 (August 12 1935)DeathFriedrich Schottky, German mathematician (born in 1851)
August 12th, 1934 (August 12 1934)DeathHendrik Petrus Berlage, Dutch architect (born in 1856)
August 12th, 1933 (August 12 1933)BirthParnelli Jones, American race car driver and team owner
August 12th, 1932 (August 12 1932)BirthCharlie O Donnell, American game show announcer
August 12th, 1932 (August 12 1932)BirthSomdej Phra Nangchao Sirikit Phra Boromarajininat HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand
August 12th, 1931 (August 12 1931)BirthWilliam Goldman, American screenwriter
August 12th, 1930 (August 12 1930)BirthGeorge Soros Hungarian-American financier and political activistGeorge Soros Quotes
August 12th, 1930 (August 12 1930)BirthJacques Tits, Belgian mathematician
August 12th, 1929 (August 12 1929)BirthBuck Owens, American singer (died in 2006)
August 12th, 1928 (August 12 1928)BirthCharles Blackman, Australian artist
August 12th, 1928 (August 12 1928)BirthBob Buhl, American baseball player (died in 2001)
August 12th, 1928 (August 12 1928)BirthDan Curtis, film and television producer and director
August 12th, 1928 (August 12 1928)DeathLeos Janacek, Czech composer (born in 1854)Leos Janacek Quotes
August 12th, 1927 (August 12 1927)BirthPorter Wagoner, American singer (died in 2007)
August 12th, 1926 (August 12 1926)BirthJohn Derek, American actor (died in 1998)
August 12th, 1926 (August 12 1926)BirthJoe Jones, American R&B singer (died in 2005)
August 12th, 1926 (August 12 1926)BirthWallace Markfield, American writer (died in 2002)
August 12th, 1925 (August 12 1925)EventThe first cast of Alpha Psi Omega, drawn from The Masquers of Fairmont College, West Virginia, was initiated.
August 12th, 1925 (August 12 1925)BirthNorris McWhirter, Scottish co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records (died in 2004)
August 12th, 1925 (August 12 1925)BirthRoss McWhirter, Scottish co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records (died in 1975)
August 12th, 1925 (August 12 1925)BirthGeorge Wetherill, American scientist (died in 2006)
August 12th, 1924 (August 12 1924)BirthDerek Shackleton, English cricketer (died in 2007)
August 12th, 1924 (August 12 1924)BirthMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq, leader of Pakistan (died in 1988)
August 12th, 1922 (August 12 1922)DeathArthur Griffith, President of Ireland (born in 1871)
August 12th, 1919 (August 12 1919)BirthVikram Sarabhai, Indian physicist (died in 1971)
August 12th, 1918 (August 12 1918)BirthGuy Gibson, British aviator, awarded Victoria Cross (died in 1944)
August 12th, 1918 (August 12 1918)DeathAnna Held, Polish-born actress and singer (born in 1872)
August 12th, 1915 (August 12 1915)BirthMichael Kidd, American choreographer (died in 2007)
August 12th, 1914 (August 12 1914)EventWorld WarBritain declares war on Austria-Hungary; British Empire countries automatically included.
August 12th, 1914 (August 12 1914)BirthGerd Buchdahl, German philosopher (died in 2001) Philo Quotes
August 12th, 1914 (August 12 1914)BirthRuth Lowe, Canadian pianist and composer (I ll Never Smile Again) (died in 1981)
August 12th, 1914 (August 12 1914)DeathJohn Philip Holland, Irish submarine designer (born in 1840)
August 12th, 1912 (August 12 1912)BirthSamuel Fuller, American film director (died in 1997)
August 12th, 1911 (August 12 1911)BirthCantinflas, Mexican actor (died in 1993)
August 12th, 1910 (August 12 1910)BirthJane Wyatt, American actress (died in 2006)
August 12th, 1910 (August 12 1910)BirthYusof bin Ishak, first President of Singapore (died in 1970)
August 12th, 1909 (August 12 1909)BirthRichard Bare, American director
August 12th, 1908 (August 12 1908)EventFirst Model T Ford built.
August 12th, 1907 (August 12 1907)BirthJoe Besser, American actor and comedian (died in 1988)
August 12th, 1906 (August 12 1906)BirthHarry Hopman, Australian-born tennis player and coach (died in 1985)
August 12th, 1906 (August 12 1906)BirthTedd Pierce, American animator (died in 1972)
August 12th, 1904 (August 12 1904)BirthTsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia, only son of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia (died in 1918)
August 12th, 1902 (August 12 1902)BirthMohammad Hatta, Vice President of Indonesia 1945-1956 (died in 1980)
August 12th, 1901 (August 12 1901)DeathAdolf Erik Nordenskiold, Finnish-Swedish explorer (born in 1832)
August 12th, 1900 (August 12 1900)DeathWilhelm Steinitz, Austrian chess player (born in 1836)
August 12th, 1898 (August 12 1898)EventArmistice ends the Spanish-American War.
August 12th, 1898 (August 12 1898)EventThe Hawaiian flag is lowered from Iolani Palace in an elaborate annexation ceremony and replaced with the American flag to signify the transfer of sovereignty from the Republic of Hawai`i to the United States.
August 12th, 1896 (August 12 1896)DeathThomas Chamberlain, officer of the 20th Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg
August 12th, 1892 (August 12 1892)BirthAlfred Lunt, American actor (died in 1977)
August 12th, 1891 (August 12 1891)DeathJames Russell Lowell, American poet and essayist (born in 1819)James Russell Lowell Quotes
August 12th, 1889 (August 12 1889)BirthZerna Sharp, American writer and educator (Dick and Jane) (died in 1981)
August 12th, 1887 (August 12 1887)BirthErwin Schrodinger, Austrian physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1961)
August 12th, 1886 (August 12 1886)BirthSir Keith Murdoch, Australian journalist and newspaper owner (died in 1952)
August 12th, 1885 (August 12 1885)BirthJean Cabannes, French physicist (died in 1959)
August 12th, 1885 (August 12 1885)BirthMarion Lorne, American actress (died in 1968)
August 12th, 1883 (August 12 1883)EventThe last quagga dies at the Artis Magistra zoo in Amsterdam.
August 12th, 1883 (August 12 1883)BirthPauline Frederick, American actress (died in 1938)
August 12th, 1881 (August 12 1881)BirthCecil B. DeMille, American director (died in 1959)
August 12th, 1880 (August 12 1880)BirthRadclyffe Hall, British author (died in 1943)
August 12th, 1880 (August 12 1880)BirthChristy Mathewson, American baseball player (died in 1925)
August 12th, 1877 (August 12 1877)EventAsaph Hall discovers Deimos.
August 12th, 1876 (August 12 1876)BirthMary Roberts Rinehart, American author (died in 1958)
August 12th, 1872 (August 12 1872)BirthPrincess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein (died in 1956)
August 12th, 1867 (August 12 1867)BirthEdith Hamilton, German classicist (died in 1963)Edith Hamilton Quotes
August 12th, 1866 (August 12 1866)BirthJacinto Benavente, Spanish writer, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1954)
August 12th, 1865 (August 12 1865)DeathWilliam Jackson Hooker, English botanist (born in 1785)
August 12th, 1864 (August 12 1864)DeathSakuma Shozan, Japanese reformer (born in 1811)
August 12th, 1861 (August 12 1861)DeathEliphalet Remington, American inventor, designer of the Remington rifle (born in 1793)
August 12th, 1859 (August 12 1859)BirthKatharine Lee Bates, American poet (died in 1929)
August 12th, 1856 (August 12 1856)Birth"Diamond Jim" Brady, American financier (died in 1917)
August 12th, 1851 (August 12 1851)EventIsaac Singer granted a patent for his sewing machine.
August 12th, 1848 (August 12 1848)DeathGeorge Stephenson, British locomotive designer (born in 1781)
August 12th, 1833 (August 12 1833)EventChicago was founded.
August 12th, 1827 (August 12 1827)DeathWilliam Blake, English poet and artist (born in 1757)William Blake Quotes
August 12th, 1822 (August 12 1822)DeathRobert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, English politician and statesman (born in 1769)
August 12th, 1810 (August 12 1810)DeathEtienne Louis Geoffroy, French pharmacist and entomologist (born in 1725)
August 12th, 1809 (August 12 1809)DeathMikhail Kamensky, Russian field marshal (born in 1738)
August 12th, 1806 (August 12 1806)EventSantiago de Liniers re-takes the city of Buenos Aires after the first British invasion.
August 12th, 1793 (August 12 1793)EventThe Rhone department was created when the former departement of Rhone-et-Loire was split into two departments: Rhone and Loire (Lere).
August 12th, 1778 (August 12 1778)DeathPeregrine Bertie, 3rd Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, British general and politician (born in 1714)
August 12th, 1774 (August 12 1774)BirthRobert Southey, English poet and biographer (died in 1843)Robert Southey Quotes
August 12th, 1762 (August 12 1762)BirthKing George IV of the United Kingdom (died in 1830)
August 12th, 1720 (August 12 1720)BirthKonrad Ekhof, German actor (died in 1778)
August 12th, 1696 (August 12 1696)BirthMaurice Greene, English composer (died in 1755)
August 12th, 1689 (August 12 1689)DeathPope Innocent XI (born in 1611)
August 12th, 1687 (August 12 1687)EventCharles of Lorraine defeats the Ottomans at the Battle of Mohacs.
August 12th, 1686 (August 12 1686)BirthJohn Balguy, English philosopher (died in 1748) Philo Quotes
August 12th, 1676 (August 12 1676)EventPraying Indian John Alderman shot and killed Metacomet the Wampanoag war chief, ending King Philip s War.
August 12th, 1674 (August 12 1674)DeathPhilippe de Champaigne, French painter (born in 1602)
August 12th, 1648 (August 12 1648)DeathIbrahim I, Ottoman Sultan (born in 1615)
August 12th, 1647 (August 12 1647)BirthJohann Heinrich Acker, German writer (died in 1719)
August 12th, 1644 (August 12 1644)BirthHeinrich Ignaz Biber, Bohemian composer (died in 1704)
August 12th, 1643 (August 12 1643)BirthKing Afonso VI of Portugal (died in 1683)
August 12th, 1638 (August 12 1638)DeathJohannes Althusius, German writer (born in 1557)
August 12th, 1633 (August 12 1633)DeathJacopo Peri, Italian composer (born in 1561)
August 12th, 1629 (August 12 1629)BirthTsar Alexei I of Russia (died in 1676)
August 12th, 1612 (August 12 1612)DeathGiovanni Gabrieli, Italian composer
August 12th, 1604 (August 12 1604)BirthTokugawa Iemitsu, Japanese shogun (died in 1651)
August 12th, 1588 (August 12 1588)DeathAlfonso Ferrabosco (I), Italian composer (born in 1543)
August 12th, 1577 (August 12 1577)DeathThomas Smith, English diplomat and scholar (born in 1513)
August 12th, 1566 (August 12 1566)BirthInfanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain (died in 1633)
August 12th, 1512 (August 12 1512)DeathAlessandro Achillini, Italian philosopher (born in 1463) Philo Quotes
August 12th, 1503 (August 12 1503)BirthChristian III of Denmark and Norway (died in 1559)
August 12th, 1499 (August 12 1499)EventFirst act of the Battle of Zonchio between Venetian and Ottoman fleets.
August 12th, 1484 (August 12 1484)DeathGeorge of Trebizond, Greek philosopher (born in 1395) Philo Quotes
August 12th, 1484 (August 12 1484)DeathPope Sixtus IV (born in 1414)
August 12th, 1480 (August 12 1480)EventBattle of OtrantoOttoman troops behead 800 Christians for refusing to convert to Islam.
August 12th, 1424 (August 12 1424)DeathYongle, Emperor of China (born in 1460)
August 12th, 1332 (August 12 1332)EventWars of Scottish Independence: Battle of Dupplin MoorScots under Domhnall II, Earl of Mar routed by Edward Balliol.
August 12th, 1323 (August 12 1323)EventTreaty of NoteborgSweden and Novgorod (Russia) regulates the border for the first time.
August 12th, 1281 (August 12 1281)EventThe fleet of Qubilai Khan is destroyed by a typhoon while approaching Japan.
August 12th, 1164 (August 12 1164)EventBattle of Harim: Nur ad-Din defeats the Crusader armies of the County of Tripoli and the Principality of Antioch.
August 12th, 1121 (August 12 1121)EventBattle of Didgori: The Georgian army under King David the Builder won a decisive victory over the famous Seljuk commander Ilghazi.
August 12th, 1099 (August 12 1099)EventFirst Crusade: Battle of AscalonCrusaders under the command of Godfrey of Bouillon defeat Fatimid forces under Al-Afdal Shahanshah. Considered the last engagement of the First Crusade.
August 12th, 0875 (August 12 0875)DeathLouis II Holy Roman Emperor (born in 825)

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